Spiritual Goats

An exclusive collection of 1,111 GOAT NFTs on the Solana Blockchain


Since the dawn of civilization, goats have been sacrificed for the prosperity of humans. Haunted by the slaughtering of its comrades and elders, a young goat hikes into the mystic mountains to seek guidance from a higher being. “Goats are born sinned, but through your spirituality has cleansed your sins, earning you the salvation you so desire. You shall start anew, as an immortal deity free of sacrifice.”

Every goat knows of this myth, yet none have proven its validity. But for those who are fated to die as a martyr, to them, the story holds their key to break free from the shackles of destiny. Informed yet unguided, martyrs around the world take on their own pilgrimages to attain spirituality from zenergy. 1,111 Spiritual Goats pursue their own gods, entities, and higher beings, to transcend beyond truth and defy their destinies.

Mental Health Initiative Fund

As founders of Spiritual Goats, we have high recognition and concern over mental health issues, which we all have experience with. That's why Spiritual Goats aim to aid others through their own spiritual journeys. This explains why we hope to set up the Mental Health Initiative Fund in the form of a community-led DAO. Holders of Spiritual Goats will be able to vote for donations and directions of the fund.



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Cofounder, product developer, statistician, and FOMO Degen


Cofounder, blockchain developer, and Shitcoin HODLer


Cofounder, digital artist, visual designer, and Shōnen Aficionado

Spirits of the Mountain (SoM)

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